The Trust is committed to supporting local actors for change, and to do so in ways that support and strengthen their visions, autonomy, capabilities and agency. One way the Trust aims to do this under its current strategy is to provide accompaniment.

In developing its Groundswell vision the Trust is committed to focus efforts in responsive ways that recognize and reflect local people’s agendas, and in doing so rebalance the relationship of northern NGOs with local communities and civil society; in particular to place the funds and decision-making power directly with local actors.

Using this approach, local actors scope their needs and actions; the funds and/or technical supports they require are matched as far as possible to assist them in these actions. Emphasis is placed on south-to-south peer support, learning and exchange.  This approach not only recognizes the rights of local people to determine their own development agendas but also aims to de-couple funding provision from decision-making power in north-south relations.


Accompaniment FOR ANTSOTSO

Accompaniment for Antsotso