The Andrew Lees Trust logo Map of Africa highlighting Madagascar

Social and Environmental Projects
in Madagascar


AwarenessSince 1995 the Trust has produced events, audiovisual, and printed materials to raise awareness about Madagascar’s culture, traditions and development challenges for local, national and international audiences.


Over five years between1996-2000 ALT produced an annual cultural event, ‘Madagascar Spirits in London to promote the island’s people, unique biodiversity, music and food.

These events hosted some of Madagascar’s most prestigious musicians including Tarika, Njava, D’Gary, Modeste and Nogabe, and also afforded opportunities for cultural and environmental networking for individuals and agencies concerned with conservation and development in the country.

One year ALT hosted an exhibition of drawings about Madagascar by the artist Chris Robinson, and by village children in the Androy, at the Oxo Tower.

In Madagascar the Trust has actively supported the ‘Rebeke’ music festival in the Androy, a grass roots event that brings together musicians and singers from across the south. It has also ensured that the local languages, music and poetry have featured in its radio programmes, films, festivals and other local events.


The Trust has produced a number of short films about its work in Madagascar, including two films about the radio project, the TM stove project, sorghum festivals and the tree nursery dedication. These have been broadcast on the national television channel in Madagascar, and viewed at events in London and in Europe.

Publications and Presentations

The Trust has presented its work in Madagascar to international conferences e.g. at INTRAC and UEA, and to the Anglo Malagasy Society in London. ALT projects have featured in a number of international publications such as Madagascar Conservation & Development and the International Red Cross, as well as in research studies by Farm Radio and GAMOS.