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Social and Environmental Projects
in Madagascar


Andrew Lees
The Trust endeavours to reflect the inspiration and aspirations of its namesake, Andrew Lees, by empowering local people to help themselves and placing the solutions to natural resource management, environmental protection, food security and health in their hands.

It helped to launch the Centre Ecologique Libanona in 1995, a training centre for Malagasy students which now hosts an accredited university programme.

In Madagascar, the Trust began its own field programme in 1999 to respond to the needs of rural communities in the south of the island, and in 2010 Andrew Lees Trust (ALT UK) achieved its long term strategy to hand over to its local Malagasy field team, who now carry the work forward under their own auspices as an independent, Malagasy NGO: ANDRY LALANA TOHANA (ALT Mg).

See ALT Review 2010, a summary of project achievements

The Trust continues to support this sister Malagasy NGO with technical assistance, fundraising and management advice and works in collaborative partnership with them on locally agreed projects.

The Trust’s projects have been designed and developed with local communities using participatory approaches and include:

Communications for Development

Environment and Food Security
In the UK, the Trust: