The ALT UK archive presents the Trust's work in Madagascar between 1995-2014.


In 1995, in memory of Andrew Lees, the Trust helped launch an environmental education centre, the Centre Ecologique Libanona (CEL), in southern Madagascar and continued to raise funds and send equipment and books to assist its development over many years. The CEL was closed in 2016 and ALT UK donated books in the CEL library were transferred to the CURA University in Ambovombe.


In 1999 the Trust evolved from a hands off grant making Trust and began its field programme to respond to the needs of rural communities in the south of the island

Communications for Development

Environment and Food Security


In 2010, following a year of accompaniment, the Trust realised its long-term strategy to hand over to its local Malagasy team. They carry the fieldwork forward under their own auspices and an independent, Malagasy NGO, Andry Lalana Tohana (ALT MG)   

Joint Projects ALT UK and ALT MG

Arts and Culture

Since its inception, ALT UK has endeavoured to promote Madagascar, its culture and unique environment, as well as its development challenges